ThinkPad T480s, ThinkPad T480 & ThinkPad T580: Quad Core CPUs and the GeForce MX150 are coming to the traditional T series

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The ThinkPad T series is a true mainstay of the Notebook market since the year 2000. Since then, the traditional line of business-laptops is updated almost every year. Sometimes its just a small update, sometimes its a complete redesign. For 2018, the manufacturer Lenovo does both: The T480s gets a new design, while the T480 and T580 are just updates of their predecessors T470 and T570.

One new feature is present on all new T series notebooks of the year 2018: The camera-shutter for the 720p webcam, dubbed „ThinkShutter“, which is supposed to make the often seen post-it-note over the webcam redundant.

When you see the T480s, one could easily come to the conclusion: Redesign? Doesn’t look very different compared with the Thinkpad T470s. Some detail-changes of course are easily spotted such as the power-button, which was shifted to a different position – or the slightly different touchpad. But the weight is barely lower and the T480s is practically the same in thickness and size as the T470s.


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