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Manjaro NVidia 1050 black areas while moving windows

I’ve ThinkPad X1 Extreme with NVidia 1050 TI MAX-Q.
I’ve installed Manjaro Linux with only discrete card mode in bios.

Driver: VIDEO-NVIDIA 2018.08.09
OS: Linux n8 4.19.32-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT …

asked May 1 at 16:59

Lenovo T450S laptop docking station issue

I am having difficulty utilizing a docking station with my Lenovo T450s laptop. I purchased the laptop in 2016 and it is running Windows 10. At the time of purchase I also bought a Lenovo docking …

asked Apr 23 at 17:23

How to pull out hard drive on Lenovo T430 laptops?

I would like to pull out my hard drive, it looks like this:
I found in some videos that there should be a pull-out cable (like but I do not have …

asked Apr 21 at 4:10

Issue with ALPS trackpad replacement in Thinkpad t440

I have a thinkpad 440p and I replaced both the keyboard and the trackpad with cheap chinese units. The laptop still works correctly in Windows 10, but I am unable to find any combination of Linux OS …

asked Mar 18 at 5:43

Laptop’s Keyboard fell down when I cleaned the fan [closed]

Now, 4, r, f, v keys are pairing with 9,o,l,. keys, like this: clicking 4, the output is 94. Clicking 94, the result is exactly the same, 94.
r is or, o is also or. f is lf, l is lf; v is.v, . is also …

asked Mar 6 at 11:26

Lenovo Thinkpad T560 Sim Card Not recognized on Debian 9

I use a Lenovo T560 laptop with Debian 9 Linux desktop operating system. This laptop already has an integrated SIM-card slot and WWAN hardware is present.
Unfortunately, my device (Debian 9) doesn’t …

asked Feb 17 at 16:07

Cannot change BIOS options lenovo thinkpad

I bought a new Lenovo Thinkpad laptop with Windows 10, but when trying to boot with a USB disk i can’t change boot order. I can’t choose items or change security configuration.

Any help please

asked Feb 13 at 14:12


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