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Here is one that is sure to get your attention. Everone’s life is far too busy to deal with the technical complexities of running a computer. That’s why every ThinkPad includes so much more than a industry standard computer. Would you rather spend more time fooling with your computer or spend quality time with something more important to you?

I asked Ravi Adapathya, the manager of user experience, to give me his ease of use top ten list. For those of you who don’t know what user experience is, it’s a fancy term for making the everyday things associated with owning and using a computer better. I’m sure I have your interest now. So without further ado, here is the list:

Top 10 Ease of Use Tips for ThinkPad

1. Presentation Director <Fn+F7>: this key combo brings up a utility to manage dual displays and projectors. Next time you fumble around trying to get your slides on the screen, losing your audience’s attention, find this tool and start presenting and not messing around.

2. UltraNav Wizard<Fn+F8> Turns on/off the pad or stick and customizes the pad hotspots.

3. Full Screen Magnifier<Fn+Spacebar>. Suffer from hypermetropia (farsighted?), hit this key combo and you’re in the land of large type. Hit it again and the display goes back to its original state.

4. TrackPoint Center Button location-sensitive magnifier or scroller. Find the center button, hold it down, and scroll to your heart’s content with the Trackpoint.

5. Hardware wireless on/off switch Few people know where to find it or why to use it. It’s under the front edge of the keyboard and is a great aid when the pilot tells you to shut off your wireless.

6. Wireless Controls <Fn+F5> also invokes the radio control user interface, which is useful if one wants to shut down unneeded wireless components to save battery power.

7. Active Protection System: the „airbag.“ This feature uses a motion detection system to detect as shock to the system, parking the hard drive so the read/write heads won’t crash fatally into your data. Also hacked by some users to enable „knock“ commands.

8. Power Manager, <Fn+F3>. This key combo invokes the power scheme manager,where the user can set charge thresholds to maximize battery life (not minutes of charge, but overall lifespan before having to buy a new one, and they’re expensive)

9. Fingerprint sensor and password manager application. Swipe your finger over the sensor, and store other passwords in the security manager application.

10. Shutting down your system when it’s hung and nothing else works (press the Power key for 6 seconds). When all else fails, just find the power button, press down, and voila, you’re back in the game.

David Hill


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