Best Tricks to Take Screenshot on Lenovo

lenovo laptopLenovo is a computer technology company that is slowly making its way up to the mainstream, with their high end laptops that can compete with giants like MacBook, Dell, Asus, and Toshiba. Aside from the computer specs, each model of laptops that they launch has this unique keyboard arrangement that makes them attractive, and easy to use. However, taking screenshot on this laptop may be a concern for others, due to its different keyboard orientation. So to help you in this case, I will discuss the best ways on how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo as this post continues.

1.Using Default Print Screen Function – Easy Way

2.Capture Screenshot Using Screen Capture Pro – Best Way

3.Take Screenshot Using Snipping Tool – Alternative Way

1. Using the Default Screenshot Configuration – Easy Way

Many Lenovo users especially those using ThinkPad models often claim that the default “Print Screen” key is missing. However, this is not true, there’s no missing key and the placement was just been altered. So to take Lenovo screenshot with keyboard configuration simply take some time to look for the “Print Screen” button, look for a portion to capture and click it. This will save the image on the clipboard, now open a paint application and paste the screenshot. And to save the captured screenshot, click on the save button.

print screen key

Note: For ThinkPad users, the “Print Screen” key can be seen on the lower right part between the “Alt”, and “Control” keys.

2. Screenshot Lenovo Using Screen Capture Pro – Best Way

To avoid any confusion in taking screenshot on Lenovo, it is advisable to use a professional program called Screen Capture Pro. This straightforward application is easy to use and is packed with interesting features. This includes 10 different capture modes to choose from, followed by two image editors one for “Quick” editing and another one for “Advanced” editing. Plus it also has a “Task Scheduler” function that can help users in capturing Lenovo screen even they are not in front of the computer.

Screen Capture Pro

Here are the steps to take snapshot on Lenovo:

1. Download the Screen Capture Pro from the button below, and then install.


2. After that, open a program or a video that you want to capture from your Lenovo laptop.

3. Next is to select a capture mode that you want, and then choose whether to use the Quick editor or the Advanced editor.

4. In order to take screenshot, just click the camera icon.

5. A screenshot preview will then be shown together with the editor that you’ve picked.

6. Now, you can start with the image editing if you wish. In using the Quick editor, you can add basic annotations like lines, shapes, highlights and text. Moreover, in using the Advanced editor you can do annotations but this time you can add effects that can pixelate, or sharpen the screenshot.

7. To save the captured image on local disk, hit the save button. Aside from this, users can also save the captured photo on cloud storage, or share it to various social media websites.

3. Capture Lenovo Screen with Snipping Tool – Alternative Way

If you are looking for an alternative way on how to screenshot on a Lenovo, then the Snipping Tool would be a great program to use. This tool is commonly available on all Windows 7 and 8 operating system. In taking screenshot you will have an option to do a “Free form snip”, “Rectangular Snip”, “Window Snip”, and “Full screen Snip”. Aside from these, this app also has a highlighter, and a pen for doing some screenshot markings.

snipping tool

To capture screenshot with this tool, here are the steps:

1. Open an application or something that you want to capture.

2. Now look for Snipping Tool from the Windows search bar and open it.

3. After that, choose a capture mode that you desire and click it.

4. Next is to drag the cross-hair along the portion to capture.

5. A screenshot preview will then be displayed, from here you can add some highlights, do some lines, etc.

6. To save the file, just click the save function.

On the other hand, if you wish to take screenshot on your Lenovo smart phone, it is advisable to do it using an app called Phone Manager. This application will not just help you take screenshot on your Lenovo smart phone, but it will also allow you to manage the files stored on your Lenovo smart phone such as music, pictures, videos, applications, and many more. It is indeed a great app that is worth a try.


Some may have issues regarding the ways to screenshot Lenovo. But once you use the ways discussed above, then capturing snapshot on Lenovo can be done easily. The first method of using default Print Screen key is reliable enough but it does not have an option for editing. While the third method lacks sharing feature, and only provides a highlighter and pen for editing. Moreover, by using Screen Capture Pro, you can capture screen with its numerous capture modes, edit image using Quick and Advanced editor, and you can share your image online all in one tool. So it is easy to conclude that Screen Capture Pro is most recommendable way to capture screenshot on Lenovo.


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