What is the difference between the ThinkPad and IdeaPad?

Every OEM manufactures laptops for two different purposes- business and consumer. The computers are designed based on the goal to make it customer-centric. It is a motive of all popular brands of PCs and laptops in the world.

In the consumer laptop category, the company focuses more on the style, design, portability, video, quality speakers, graphics, and other features to improve the user experience. The elements are created to attract consumers in the market.

Lenovo IdeaPad

The Lenovo IdeaPad comes in this category. It comes with a full touch screen, Dolby speakers, frameless screen, and glossy screen among other features. The IdeaPad comes in four models as S series, U series, Y and Z series which has improved over marginally over the years. The portable laptop is a top choice for mobile workers who need to travel frequently to distant places.

Lenovo ThinkPad

ThinkPad is one of the most popular laptops of Lenovo in the business category. The laptop has designed keeping the need of a business executive such as a modern processor, high customizability, reliability, quality, and durability needed in complex operations.

ThinkPad is the only laptop approved for use at zero gravity in the International Space Station. It comes with composite cases, TrackPoint device, LCD screen, LED keyboard, high-security system, client security system, fingerprint reader, and roll cage design among others. These are essential features needed in a business class laptops to ensure smooth and safe functioning.

Another significant difference between IdeaPad and ThinkPad is the price. IdeaPad is cheaper in comparison to ThinkPad. But, ThinkPad is not beatable when it comes to durability and performance in business operations.

Consider buying the device based on your main goal – business purpose or regular work at home.


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