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  • X220 Hardware Maintenance Manual


  • The CPU speed will be throttled back to 800MHz if the machine is run on the 65W AC adapter with no battery installed. To avoid this throttling
    • run on a 90W AC adapter, or
    • install a battery pack.
  • It’s possible to use a mSATA SSD within the second MiniPCI Express slot.
  • On booting:
    • The X220 cannot/will not boot GPT disks using Legacy BIOS, you must setup UEFI.
    • The X220 will not boot /efi/*/*.efi unless „signed“(?) into BIOS, you have to copy it to /efi/boot/bootx64.efi.
    • Disabling the BIOS setting „USB UEFI BIOS Support“ disables *all* USB booting, ie, both UEFI and legacy BIOS.
  • Maximum DDR3 speed depends on the BIOS version. BIOS versions up to 1.28 allow RAM speeds up to 1866MHz. BIOS versions 1.29 and above limit RAM to 1333MHz. Modified versions of BIOS available that remove this limitation.
  • The combined headphone/microphone jack is a 4-pin TRRS connector and is wired as per CTIA/AHJ standard (tip – left, ring1 – right, ring2 – ground, sleeve – mic). Which means, it is compatible with most modern cellphone headsets (including Apple); however, it is not compatible with older Nokia and Samsung headsets wired as OMTP.

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