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  • Page 1: User Guide

    User Guide ThinkPad Helix…

  • Page 2
    “Important safety and handling information” on page iii • Appendix E “Notices” on page 75 The Safety, Warranty, and Setup Guide and the Regulatory Notice have been uploaded to the Web site. To refer to them, go to First Edition (December 2012) © Copyright Lenovo 2012.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Attaching a mechanical lock ..Error messages ….Using passwords….© Copyright Lenovo 2012…

  • Page 4
    Japan recycling statements ..Lenovo user forums… . . Recycling information for Brazil ..Finding ThinkPad options ..

  • Page 5: Read This First

    For detailed operating instructions, refer to the ThinkPad Helix User Guide (this publication). You can access the ThinkPad Helix User Guide by using one of the following methods: •…

  • Page 6
    • The charging device has been exposed to rain, liquid, or excessive moisture. • The charging device shows signs of physical damage. • You want to clean the charging device. Lenovo is not responsible for the performance or safety of products not manufactured or approved by Lenovo. Prevent hearing damage: Your tablet has a headphone connector.
  • Page 7
    WARNING: Handling the cord on this product or cords associated with accessories sold with this product will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. © Copyright Lenovo 2012…
  • Page 8
    User Guide…

  • Page 9: Chapter 1. Product Overview

    The tablet is the main unit of the product. For more information, see “Tablet layout” on page 3. Keyboard dock The keyboard dock is designed specifically for the ThinkPad Helix. It provides the function of a port replicator and holds the tablet in an upright position to provide a typing experience similar to that of a notebook computer.

  • Page 10: Rear View

    TrackPoint pointing stick Touch pad The keyboard dock contains the Lenovo unique ThinkPad pointing device. Pointing, selecting, and dragging are all part of a single process that you can perform without moving your fingers from a typing position. For more information, see “Using the ThinkPad pointing device” on page 19.

  • Page 11: Tablet Layout

    Mini DisplayPort connector Use the mini DisplayPort connector to connect the tablet to a compatible projector, external monitor, or high-definition television. Emergency reset hole If the tablet stops responding and you cannot turn it off or turn it on by pressing the power button, remove the ac power adapter and reset the tablet by inserting a needle or a straightened paper clip into the emergency reset hole to turn off the tablet.

  • Page 12: Front And Side View

    Front and side view Figure 3. ThinkPad Helix front and side view Tablet Digitizer Pen storage SIM card tray Fan louvers Emergency reset hole Power button Power connector Combo audio jack Built-in stereo speakers Volume control buttons Windows button Multi-touch screen…

  • Page 13
    Power button Press the power button to turn on the tablet. To turn off the tablet, swipe in from the right edge of the screen to display the charms. Then tap Settings ➙ Power ➙ Shut down. If the tablet stops responding and you cannot turn it off, press and hold the power button for four seconds or more.
  • Page 14
    SIM card tray Place a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card into the SIM card tray to establish a wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) connection. For instructions on how to install and remove the SIM card, see “Installing and removing the SIM card” on page 23. Note: The SIM card tray is not functional on Wi-Fi-only models.

  • Page 15: Back-side View

    Back-side view Figure 4. ThinkPad Helix back-side view Rear-facing camera NFC logo (on some models) Status indicator Rear-facing camera Your tablet has a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, which you can use to take pictures and create videos. When the camera is started, the green camera-in-use indicator turns on. For more information, see “Using the cameras”…

  • Page 16: Accessories

    Accessories Note: The power adapter and power cord might look different from the illustrations above. Figure 5. Accessories • Power cord and ac power adapter: Use the power cord together with the ac power adapter to provide ac power to your tablet and the keyboard dock and charge the batteries. Note: Ensure that all power cord connectors are securely and completely plugged into receptacles.

  • Page 17: Specifications

    Keyboard on keyboard dock • 6-row full size keyboard • ThinkPad pointing device (TrackPoint pointing device and touch pad) • Fn key function • Volume control buttons • Speaker mute button • Microphone mute button Integrated cameras • Front-facing camera, 2 megapixel •…

  • Page 18: Operating Environment

    Your tablet comes with Lenovo programs to help you work more easily and securely. To access Lenovo programs, swipe in from the right edge of the screen to display the charms. Then tap the Search charm to search for the desired program.

  • Page 19
    Lenovo Support Register your tablet with Lenovo, check the tablet health condition and battery status, view user manuals for your tablet, get the warranty information for your tablet, and explore help and support information.
  • Page 20
    User Guide…

  • Page 21: Chapter 2. Using Your Tablet

    When you rotate the tablet, the screen automatically rotates to landscape or portrait view. To disable the screen auto-rotation feature, press the screen rotation lock button. Note: Some applications do not support the screen auto-rotation feature. © Copyright Lenovo 2012…

  • Page 22: Using The On-screen Keyboard And The Touch Keyboard

    Using the On-Screen Keyboard and the Touch Keyboard Use the On-Screen Keyboard or the Touch Keyboard to type text, numbers, symbols, and other characters. When you rotate the tablet, the On-Screen Keyboard or the Touch Keyboard automatically rotates to the corresponding portrait or landscape view.

  • Page 23: Downloading Games And Applications

    To extend the functionality of your tablet, download and install additional applications from the Windows Store and Lenovo App Store. Both Windows Store and Lenovo App Store provide an easy and quick way for you to shop for games and mobile applications.

  • Page 24
    To release the tablet from the keyboard dock, do the following: 1. Press the eject button in the direction as shown. 2. Remove the tablet from the keyboard dock. User Guide…

  • Page 25: Using The Function Keys

    To use tablet mode when you move around with the tablet and the keyboard dock, do the following: 1. Position the tablet as shown. Then, insert the tablet into the keyboard dock until the tablet is secured in place. 2. Slowly and carefully close the tablet display. Using the function keys The keyboard dock has several function keys.

  • Page 26
    Note: When the microphones are muted, the LED on the F4 key is on. Screen control • Brightness down • Brightness up Application control • Open the Settings charm • Open the Search charm • View all applications that you have opened •…

  • Page 27: Using The Thinkpad Pointing Device

    Using the ThinkPad pointing device The keyboard dock comes with the ThinkPad pointing device. The ThinkPad pointing device consists of the TrackPoint pointing stick and the touch pad , each of which is itself a pointing device with both basic and extended functions. To move the pointer on the screen, do either of the following: •…

  • Page 28
    Attention: Use only Lenovo-approved ac power adapters. Unauthorized adapters could cause severe damage to the tablet.

  • Page 29: Extending The Battery Life Between Charges

    1. From the Start screen, tap Lenovo Settings ➙ Power. 2. Check your battery status and configure settings. To check the battery status in Lenovo Support, do the following: 1. From the Start screen, tap Lenovo Support ➙ Battery Health.

  • Page 30: Using The Cameras

    4. Configure settings as desired. Synchronizing files by using the Lenovo Cloud solution The Lenovo Cloud solution enables you to access, view, upload, or download massive resources, software, and information on a remote cloud server in a secured environment. For more information about the Lenovo Cloud solution, go to

  • Page 31: Chapter 3. Wireless Networks And Devices

    To remove a SIM card, do the following: 1. Turn off the tablet. 2. Insert a straightened paper clip into the hole of the SIM card tray . The tray ejects . Slide the tray out. 3. Remove the SIM card as shown. © Copyright Lenovo 2012…

  • Page 32: Determining Which Mobile Network You Are Using

    To install a SIM card, do the following: 1. Turn off the tablet. 2. Insert a straightened paper clip into the hole of the SIM card tray. The tray ejects. Slide the tray out. 3. Place the SIM card into the SIM card tray as shown until the SIM card is hooked. 4.

  • Page 33: Connecting To A Mobile Data Network

    Connecting to a Wi-Fi network Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that provides network access at distances of up to 100 meters (328 feet) depending on the Wi-Fi router and your surroundings. You can connect any ThinkPad Helix to a Wi-Fi network.

  • Page 34: Sharing Your Internet Connection

    You can share your Internet connection with multiple devices by setting your tablet as a mobile hotspot. To share your Internet connection by turning your tablet into a mobile hotspot, do the following: 1. From the Start screen, tap Lenovo Settings ➙ Mobile Hotspot. User Guide…

  • Page 35: Using Bluetooth Devices

    To connect and exchange data with another NFC-enabled device, do the following: 1. From the Start screen, tap Lenovo Settings ➙ Mobile Hotspot. 2. In the Enable NFC section, slide to the right to enable NFC. 3. Turn your tablet into a mobile hotspot. See “Sharing your Internet connection” on page 26.

  • Page 36
    Note: The invited user will be directed to the defined Web site address when the user is connected to your hotspot. 6. In the Tap to Share section, tap the invitation message to send an invitation notification to the user you want to invite.

  • Page 37: Chapter 4. Security

    3. Secure the chain on the lock to a stationary object. Refer to the instructions shipped with the mechanical lock. Note: You are responsible for evaluating, selecting, and implementing the locking device and security feature. Lenovo makes no comments, judgments, or warranties about the function, quality, or performance of the locking device and security feature. Using passwords By using passwords, you can prevent your tablet from being used by others.

  • Page 38: Entering Passwords

    10. In the Confirm New Password field, reenter the password and tap Enter. Note: You might want to record your password and store it in a safe place. Otherwise, if you forget it, you have to take your tablet to a Lenovo reseller or a marketing representative to have the password canceled.

  • Page 39
    In the Confirm New Password field, reenter the password you just entered to verify it. Tap Enter. Attention: You might want to note down your passwords and keep them in a safe place. Otherwise, if you forget the user password, or both user and master passwords, Lenovo cannot reset your passwords Chapter 4…

  • Page 40: Supervisor Password

    You must take your tablet to a Lenovo reseller or a marketing representative to have the mSATA solid-state drive replaced. Proof of purchase is required, and a fee will be charged for parts and service.

  • Page 41
    • If a supervisor password is set, a password prompt is displayed when you try to start the ThinkPad Setup program. Unauthorized users cannot get access to configuration data. • The system administrator can use the supervisor password to get access to a computer even if the user of that computer has set a power-on password.

  • Page 42: Setting The Security Chip

    Lenovo cannot reset your password. You must take your tablet to a Lenovo reseller or a Lenovo marketing representative to have the system board replaced. Proof of purchase is required, and a fee will be charged for parts and service.

  • Page 43: Notice On Deleting Data From Your Msata Solid-state Drive

    But we recommend that you make use of the software (payware) or service (pay service) specifically developed for the purpose. For disposing of data on the mSATA solid-state drive, Lenovo provides the Secure Data Disposal tool. To download the tool, go to: .

  • Page 44: Using Firewalls

    Lenovo provides a full version of antivirus software on your tablet with a free 30-day subscription. After 30 days, you must renew the license to continue receiving the antivirus software updates.

  • Page 45: Chapter 5. Recovery Overview

    5. Restart your tablet following the instructions on the screen. For more details about the recovery solutions provided on tablets preinstalled with the Windows 8 operating system, refer to the help information system of the Windows 8 operating system. © Copyright Lenovo 2012…

  • Page 46
    User Guide…

  • Page 47: Chapter 6. Advanced Configuration

    The device drivers are available at Click your tablet product name to view all the device drivers for your tablet. Attention: Always go to for the latest device drivers. Do not download them from the Windows Update Web site.

  • Page 48: Config Menu

    • System board serial number • Asset Tag • CPU Type • CPU Speed • Installed memory • UUID • Preinstalled operating system license • UEFI secure boot Config menu If you need to change the configuration of your tablet, tap Config from the ThinkPad Setup program main menu.

  • Page 49
    Table 1. Config menu items (continued) Menu item Submenu item Selection Comments Keyboard/Mouse Fn and Ctrl Key swap • Disabled If you select Enabled, the Fn key works as the Ctrl • Enabled key, and the Ctrl key works as the Fn key. Note: Even when Enabled is selected, you need to press the Fn key to resume…
  • Page 50
    Table 1. Config menu items (continued) Menu item Submenu item Selection Comments CPU Power Management • Enabled Enables or disables the power saving feature that • Disabled stops the microprocessor clock automatically when there are no system activities. Normally, it is not necessary to change the setting.
  • Page 51
    Table 1. Config menu items (continued) Menu item Submenu item Selection Comments be automatically re-enabled when the ac power adapter is reconnected to the system. Beep and Alarm Password Beep • Disabled Enable this option to have a beep sound when the •…

  • Page 52: Date And Time Menu

    Table 1. Config menu items (continued) Menu item Submenu item Selection Comments CIRA Timeout 0–255 Set the timeout option for CIRA connection to be Note: The default value is established. 1 though 254 60 seconds. seconds are selectable. If you select 0, use 60 seconds as the default timeout value.

  • Page 53
    Table 2. Security menu items Menu item Value Submenu item Comments Password Hardware Password • Disabled Managing your power-on password, supervisor Manager password, and your hard disk passwords by the • Enabled management server. • Disabled Supervisor Password See “Supervisor password” on page 32. •…
  • Page 54
    Table 2. Security menu items (continued) Menu item Value Submenu item Comments Intel (R) TXT Feature • Disabled Enable or disable Intel Trusted Execution Technology. • Enabled Physical Presence for • Disabled This option enables or disables the confirmation Provisioning message when you change the settings of the •…

  • Page 55: Startup Menu

    Table 2. Security menu items (continued) Menu item Value Submenu item Comments Sensor Hub • Disabled If you select Enabled, you can use the sensor hub. • Enabled Anti-Theft Intel AT Module • Disabled Enable or disable the UEFI BIOS interface to Activation activate the Intel AT module, which is an optional •…

  • Page 56
    ® • If you are using the BitLocker drive encryption, you should not change the startup sequence. BitLocker drive encryption detects the change of startup sequence and locks the tablet from booting. Changing the startup sequence To change the startup sequence, do the following: 1.

  • Page 57: Restart Menu

    UEFI BIOS in order for the new addition to work properly. To update your UEFI BIOS, go to the following Web site and follow the instructions on the screen: Using system management This section is intended primarily for network administrators.

  • Page 58: System Management

    Your tablet is designed for manageability, so that you can redirect more of your resources to better meet your business objectives. This manageability, or “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO), enables you to remotely operate client tablets in the same way as you operate your own tablet, such as turning on a client tablet, formatting hard disk drive, and installing software.

  • Page 59: Chapter 7. You And Your Tablet

    Screen reader applications Screen reader applications can read out software application interfaces, help systems, and a variety of online documents. If you need this feature, go to Windows Store or Lenovo App Store to download a screen reader application. Getting updates Your tablet enables you to update the Windows operating system and Lenovo applications.

  • Page 60: Traveling With Your Tablet

    Getting updates from Lenovo Your tablet is preinstalled with System Update. This program enables you to keep the Lenovo software on your tablet up-to-date by downloading and installing software updates. To start System Update, do the following: 1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen to display the charms.

  • Page 61: Care And Maintenance

    • A ThinkPad ac power adapter for the country to which you are traveling • A SIM card for the local mobile services in that country or region Other items you might want to consider: • ThinkPad headphones • Additional storage devices Care and maintenance Handle your tablet with care so that you can enjoy this product for a long time.

  • Page 62
    User Guide…

  • Page 63: Chapter 8. Troubleshooting Problems

    For additional information, refer to the Lenovo Solution Center help system. Note: If you are unable to isolate and repair the problem yourself after running the program, save and print the log files. You will need the log files when you speak to a Lenovo technical support representative. Troubleshooting The problems and solutions described in this chapter are meant only as a guide.

  • Page 64: Recovering From A Severe Software Problem

    Problem: The battery does not charge correctly. Suggested solution: Check if the ac power adapter is connected correctly. If the connection is good but the battery still does not charge, contact Lenovo to replace with a new battery. System problems •…

  • Page 65: Error Messages

    If you still encounter the same problem after you restart your tablet, reset your tablet and restart it again, you can perform a factory data reset operation. For more information, refer to “Resetting your tablet to the factory default settings” on page 37. Error messages Message: 0177: Bad SVP data, stop POST task.

  • Page 66: Errors Without Messages

    Errors without messages • Problem: My screen keeps blanking when I do not want it to. Solution: You can disable any system timers, such as the LCD turn-off timer or the blank timer by doing the following: 1. Start Power Manager. 2.

  • Page 67: Chapter 9. Getting Support

    After you buy a ThinkPad Helix, register your tablet with Lenovo. Using the registered information, Lenovo can contact you in case of a recall or other severe problems. After you register your tablet with Lenovo, you will receive quicker service when you call Lenovo for help. In addition, some locations offer extended privileges and services to registered users.

  • Page 68: Lenovo User Forums

    If you want to expand the capabilities of your tablet, Lenovo has a number of hardware accessories and upgrades to meet your needs. You can shop at Lenovo 24 hours a day, 7 days a week directly over the World Wide Web. All you need is an Internet connection and a credit card.

  • Page 69: Appendix A. Regulatory Information

    Due to the fact that integrated wireless cards operate within the guidelines found in radio frequency safety standards and recommendations, Lenovo believes they are safe for use by consumers. These standards and recommendations reflect the consensus of the scientific community and result from deliberations of panels and committees of scientists who continually review and interpret the extensive research literature.

  • Page 70: Location Of The Ultraconnect Wireless Antennas

    Classification Control Number (ECCN) of 5A992.c. It can be re-exported except to any of the embargoed countries in the EAR E1 country list. Electronic emission notices The following information refers to the ThinkPad Helix machine types 3697, 3698, 3700, 3701, and 3702. User Guide…

  • Page 71: Federal Communications Commission (fcc) Declaration Of Conformity

    • Consult an authorized dealer or service representative for help. Lenovo is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by using other than specified or recommended cables and connectors or by unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment.

  • Page 72: German Class B Compliance Statement

    Geräte der Klasse B. Dieses Gerät ist berechtigt, in Übereinstimmung mit dem Deutschen EMVG das EG-Konformitätszeichen – CE – zu führen. Verantwortlich für die Konformitätserklärung nach Paragraf 5 des EMVG ist die Lenovo (Deutschland) GmbH, Gropiusplatz 10, D-70563 Stuttgart. Informationen in Hinsicht EMVG Paragraf 4 Abs. (1) 4: Das Gerät erfüllt die Schutzanforderungen nach EN 55024 und EN 55022 Klasse B.

  • Page 73: Lenovo Product Service Information For Taiwan

    For more information about the wireless regulatory notices, refer to the Regulatory Notice that came with your tablet. If your tablet is shipped without the Regulatory Notice, you can obtain a PDF version from the Lenovo Web site at:…

  • Page 74
    User Guide…

  • Page 75: Appendix B. Environmental, Recycling, And Disposal Information

    If you want to replace it with a new one, contact your place of purchase or ask for a repair service provided by Lenovo. If you have replaced it by yourself and want to dispose of the disused lithium battery, insulate it with vinyl tape, contact your place of purchase, and follow their instructions.

  • Page 76: Recycling Information For Brazil

    A Lenovo possui um canal específico para auxiliá-lo no descarte desses produtos. Caso você possua um produto Lenovo em situação de descarte, ligue para o nosso SAC ou encaminhe um e-mail para:, informando o modelo, número de série e cidade, a fim de enviarmos as instruções para o correto descarte do seu produto Lenovo.

  • Page 77: Battery Recycling Information For The United States And Canada

    Customer participation is important to minimize any potential effects of batteries and accumulators on the environment and human health due to the potential presence of hazardous substances. For proper collection and treatment, go to: China recycling information for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

  • Page 78
    User Guide…

  • Page 79: Appendix C. Restriction Of Hazardous Substances Directive (rohs)

    Appendix C. Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) China RoHS Turkish RoHS The Lenovo product meets the requirements of the Republic of Turkey Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE). Ukraine RoHS © Copyright Lenovo 2012…

  • Page 80: India Rohs

    India RoHS RoHS compliant as per E-Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2011. User Guide…

  • Page 81: Appendix D. Energy Star Model Information

    For more information about ENERGY STAR, go to: Lenovo encourages you to make efficient use of energy an integral part of your day-to-day operations. To help in this endeavor, Lenovo has preset the following power-management features to take effect when your…

  • Page 82
    5. Tap the Power Management tab. 6. Clear the Allow this device to wake the computer check box. 7. Tap OK. User Guide…

  • Page 83: Appendix E. Notices

    Consult your local Lenovo representative for information on the products and services currently available in your area. Any reference to a Lenovo product, program, or service is not intended to state or imply that only that Lenovo product, program, or service might be used. Any functionally equivalent product, program, or service that does not infringe any Lenovo intellectual property right might be used instead.

  • Page 84: Trademarks

    Trademarks The following terms are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both: Lenovo ThinkPad ThinkVantage TrackPoint UltraConnect Microsoft, Windows, and BitLocker are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. Intel and Intel Core are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States, other countries, or both.

  • Page 86
    Part Number: Printed in (1P) P/N: *1P*…


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